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The 'TT' in the first column beside the track number indicates the linked Twin Tracks - the link is shown at the end of the programme. The numbers in the third column are the playing times of the track(s) in minutes and seconds. This is a "twin tracks megamix" programme.


The Music Box: Programme 6

1 TT

Gabriel Yared: C'est Le Vent Betty (Theme from 'Betty Blue')


2 TT

Gabriel Yared: Rupert Bear (extra tracks)

3 TT

Geoff Love and his Orchestra: Casino Royale


4 TT

Geoff Love and his Orchestra: We Have All The Time In The World (from programme 4)

5 TT

Russ Conway: Side Saddle


6 TT

Russ Conway: Pixilated Penguin (from programme 5)

7 TT

James Last: Orange Blossom Special


8 TT

James Last: Elizabethan Serenade (from programme 1)

9 TT

Norrie Paramor: (The) American Popular Song


10 TT

Norrie Paramor: Thank You For The Music (from programme 2)

Twin tracks link: Click on the programme link after each set of twin tracks to view what the two tracks have in common.


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